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Vagina Talks

Sep 24, 2018

Amy Jo Goddard – Sexual Empowerment and Creativity


In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Amy Jo Goddard discuss, openly and with love, vulnerability, empowerment, and sex. They invite us to also join in the discussion about sex, especially with our partners. Sex is an intensely vulnerable and personal thing. We are...

Sep 19, 2018

Call to Action – Show Up, Know, & Follow Your Heart 


In this episode, Sophia Wise One discusses things that she has previously been too afraid to say aloud outside of her innermost circle. Delve into her heart and mind as she talks about why she started the training ground, why she is building RTTCon (Red Tent...

Sep 10, 2018

Intimacy, Awareness, Creativity, Yourself and the World 


In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Leah Moon discuss many of the things that Leah has learned over her 5 years working with Sophia. They discuss how we navigate deep intimacy with boundaries and integrity and how these navigational beacons can...

Aug 28, 2018

Honest Communication and Safety in Permission


In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Leah Moon discuss taking ownership over the narratives in our lives. In the stories we tell others, are told to us by society, as well as the stories we tell ourselves. It is important to allow ourselves to have safe spaces, spaces...

Aug 13, 2018

The Medicine is Love


In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Lisa Love discuss the change that is happening now in society and in the world. The earth and the universe are speaking out and telling us that the time is now. As they talk about Lisa’s story and how she found her own acceptance and completion, they delve...