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Vagina Talks

Dec 21, 2017

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Show Notes by Show Producer: Anna Nygren


 Understanding Every Phase of Your Cycle


In this episode, Sophia Wise One and Amanda discuss:

  • What menstruation really is
  • What does a healthy menstrual cycle look like
  • Phases of your cycle
  • How your menstrual cycle affects your tendencies

Key Takeaways:

  • Your menstrual cycle should be between 21 - 35 days
  • You’ll get your period 2 weeks after you ovulate
  • You’re bleeding isn’t late, your ovulation is late
  • Appetite, mood, sleep and your social tendencies are directly related to your cycle


“Our menstrual cycle is an important indicator of our health and wellness” - Amanda Laird


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Twitter: @amandalaird




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